The Detroit Tigers have been playing good this young season and I am pretty satisfied, although Edwin Jackson seems to be going through the Nate Robertson or Justin Verlander disease of throwing a great game – except for one inning.  Nate suffered enough that he is in the bullpen this year.  Verlander has recovered and is looking every bit of his 2006-2007 self.  Forget about last year; he is in high gear now.


There are a number of nicknames that Tigers fans apply to their favorite player.  The most common that I have seen usually end up with an “E” at the end – aka Grandy for Curtis Granderson  , Polly for Placido Polanco , Miggy or Cabby for Miguel Cabrera , Ingy for Brandon Inge  – and the list goes on and on…  It’s rather fun, and I love seeing the looks of fellow baseball fans when I yell out “Hit it out of here again Ingy!”  But I did read one comment today which the author seemed to resent “childish” nicknames.  OK, I have to admit, perhaps all those “E’s” go too far.  Something a little more creative may be in order.  “Snacks” can apply to any of the larger brethren, so perhaps Miggy could deal with it and become a slimmer Pudge.  Tigers TV color commentator Rod Allen likes to call backup catcher Dane Sardinha “Pineapple.”  After all, the dude is from Hawaii.  I have come to call Grandy “Granderslam” especially since he has been on a power trip.  What are your favorite players’ nicknames?




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I like Granderslam. That’s a good one. I think it’s fun to have variety instead of all the “e” nicknames. Back in the day, the Yankees called Gene Michael “Stick” and I always thought it was a good nickname. And Verlander is looking mighty good these days. He was right on against the Yanks last week.

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