Why I Hate the Chicago White Sox

Wow – hate is a strong word.  It is something I avoid when talking about a ball club.  But in the last few years it has become apparent that the Chicago White Sox have drawn on themselves the anger of most fans in Major League Baseball.  It is not Ozzie Guillen – he is quite a character.  It is also not the players.  If anything, they are innocent victims.  It is not the city.  Chicago is a beautiful area with lots of cultural activities.


It is the fans.  The fans are utterly disrespectful to other teams’ players and fans.  My visit to US Cellular Field last year was interesting, but did not go well.  I quite often was told, “go back to Detroit” or “sit down” when the Tigers made a good play of which I was applauding.  The fans routinely chat “De-troit Sucks” even when the Sox are losing by a large margin.  The fans of the White Sox are insensibly harsh to Magglio Ordonez, who gave them many fine years of service.  Then there is the rivalry with Cubs, which doesn’t make sense to me.  Why do you hate another club from the same city, just because they are in another league?  Chicago dwellers are lucky to have a large enough fan base to support two clubs.


What really gets my goat is the TV announcers for the White Sox.  It is one thing to call your team the “good guys.”  That is understandable, since announcers are expected to be biased towards their team.  But recently they have gone to calling the opposing team the “bad guys.”  They additionally look for reasons why they lose games other than the truth.  For instance, the Tigers have won 3 games in the 5-game weekday series.  The announcers blamed umpire blown calls (which was not the case, by-the-way) instead of the fact they were simply overmatched.  The Sox are just not playing good baseball right now.  That is it.


The Tigers continue to dominate the American League Central, and they are well on their way to winning the division.  The key is the pitching, which has been exceptional.  I am somewhat concerned about the offense, which has been sputtering a bit.  But the Tigers can get it done with small ball, as they have demonstrated all year.




As a White Sox fan I have to agree with you in part and not agree with you on another part. First of all, the Tigers have beaten my Sox fair and square. As of right now, the Tigers are a better team……there is no doubt of that as we have seen. Second, I have to believe that the treatment of the Tigers from the Sox fans is no different than that of the Tigers fans to the Sox. Mags was my favorite player and although you are correct in that he did contribute for many years to the Sox, you never want to see one of your favorite players play for an opponent in your same division. I’m guessing that if one of your favorite players on the Tigers signed with the White Sox as a free agent, you’d feel the same way. Going back to Detroit in a White Sox uniform would never be welcomed by your fans either. (Case in point……it makes me sick to my stomach to think that Brett Favre might end up wearing the purple uniform of the Vikings………good grief!!!!)

I dont hate the White Sox, but that’s only because
my friend Anders likes them. But other than that, I
can agree with you.

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